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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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ta atck, loungadinn o rn beanie s aders gain as the campaign erupts ho frurs heom tir fst s vote ihereewn n shhampire. >> un> crtich me. ca don ldnaru t tmpn ur bi llg pobe numrs into g a bin,wi and can marco rubio bounce back from that debate debacle? we o g one-on-one. nitmgh aaretse a. panic as a ceruisphi gets cangh caut in a ferocious storm. slammed by 30oo-ft s.wave r wateinrushing . thousandors d dereto th caeir b z.ns bo mb ofhandf. shkiocidng vf eo o the ntmome aus sedpect suicide bomber is nd hahaed wt th auieoritlis beiseve a laptop packed with osexpl bivese efor blowinhig elms ufp on board. > >>heand artn bur dr ug rnwaing. ll mi tionse akth.em no dow ctors are un so adinglan arm ou abtom se oef thos mt po rpulaed mioicatnns o th e rkmaet. "nightly news" begins right now. >> nn ancou: erthis is "n igbc n nhtly ews" lwithr esteholt re inportnig tofrght om hemanc, sternew ha irmpshe.
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owa sny hemanc.ster th ate wejuher ostne morell chaenge forhe t pr idestienal nd caesidat onhi ts pr y imartielecon e.ev as y thehit0 3tseven ssacros thie stat y,todain hop tgo move e thdl nee ien their re din.ctio lathe test shonapst sshowni bernde saers inleadllg hiary cl n into6 by 1tspoin r fothe crdemoats. lddonamp truti sitng on a 20-point adle am reong icpublwians th th a waree- myupash- sefor .cond bu ret hehe's td wil .card orhistowy shs about lf ha of h newhiampsre rsvote v arelaery te dedecianrs, thd wi ithatn ndmi, nd caesidatbo on th de sie s arcenotiably st ngeppith up eir ckattas. t' legis bern ou ve co wrageith c'nbs an drea hemitcll. sh e'sov cgerinhe t in clcaton gnmpai. eaandrod, go evg.enin >> or rep gter:ood ev g eninouto y. arhilld y an bill toclinrun ftestrad by rtheibi inality to cl those pe ga with iebernde sanrs, es alpeciitly wunh yog me won. d an'rtheynne ruing outf o time. 'm>> iki loongor fward i tot. ne i ede som fuel. r>>orepr:teil hryla cl toinnen r veoutht gh e'shbed n oe thsilong si f de onda geer gap.
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dr foveseror bnie sa s,nder 7 aar4-ye-old ma n. s >>heee sms atl lite re .ason >> i don'te voth wit tei voh witgilol ca reason. >> ep rteor tr:ayod bi cllntli toninryg to st oaymen agsse. but clearly unpphay ouabtht ste e at tofhe campaign. be srniersande' gu ar imentves haan be ctimpa? y >> pounge eoplare lyreal a madnd ryeall pr apsiehenanve, d ey thri're toght be. thbut hoey s luldniste to aeb d aate wbouthat usca ied wt,t'haths e be rstedemy,nd a w'sho stmoik l telyomp irove r theis liveand weempoemr th. d >>uo yonk this he' ubeenr nfaitohe r? >> l, wel ink thi he' s been acintecura. r >>teeporunr: sday night it all boiled over. w>>n heu'yo mreinakg a vorelution, you can't be too careful t aboufathe cts. >> or rep ater:nd ac ngcuside sanrs' su tepporf rs og usin stsexi lagengua. a >>ksttact thaare ralitetolly ofa prone of nten,ot to monenti stsexi. r >>teeporher: t nd sacaers gnmpais say
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i>>hi t inkst' unfortunate th at esprenidclt toinn decided to go after be trniehat way. >> or repter:gn igorin ll bint clion's ,jabs sa s nderiris tuted b idconfent. >> i ander'm heod tay to askou yr srtuppo to jo itin wh usn iak ming at thit polical vo reonluti. an thu k yoveall ry mu ch. >> or rep ater:nd hi y llartoclinthn wi rachel maddow esaddrresed s portthey wi hall sp ke utheir st aff. >> re we'ng goita to ke oc stk. at whks worat, wh es dowon't rk. it ld wou be ma ctlpranoice st toay at whks worat, wh can dweo beertt, wtha do we av heo t do new and different that we have to l pul out? >> or rep tter:htonig , be iernan srsdeas hll a e thaptrngpiofs a t-fronerrunn. e thtoclineens slyming sh keoctod d fin themselves so far behind. andrea mitelch nl,bc ws ne, mastncheer. r>>eporter: i'm katy r tullfoinowghe t trump mpcagnai. doone or. >> a howoure y indog? r>>orepr:tend ane o tevoatr t >> av hyoe uec dedidn o o whu'yo grengoi to su t pporfor idpresent. >> or rep cter:igampan staffer jamie peavy is ma ngki p aitch for donald trump. >> s i'm otille n th .edge
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ca idnde atryis ttoing ohold hn tois co dimmaneang l td inhe ll po bs byetlanking th ste e,at gtiet ungp os cld e anonpersal wi otth viners r fou s stopy.toda e >> w thaveto ge away from these policiti aans,end w ve habr to ingit sany t tohis coy.untr >> or rep ter:trp'ums tare pilitols ic foefs rtmico lnge atin th rae ,ce after an kw awsuard .nday re baally tngkio t voters at aer din and me riandehrng t aoughn founsecustd i>>hi t inkst' a ncbuofh rbgaage. >> or rep hter:ere hi icstor vallysoter umakeeip thndr mis la te. >> al usu'mly i a gut ininstinct kd of pe srsonilo styil trng f toe igur othatut. >> or rep tter:hat me seans acondvend en rs fiact plule co d be orup fbs graft aer what many saw asco mar o'rubis addismat debe orperfe.manc n>>odobnoy w bieelves th atco mario rubs i ep pr tared o be idpresofent the un editta ss.te r>>teeporher: tld fie ngtryi toit capealiz on rusbio' stecripd ss mi.teps bujeb ndsh an joh si kach snluddey cl ngimbith in e llpos. eo>> parple lengooki t no tonly uostnderand 'swhatyo in eaur h d, thbut lsey ao wanot t kn haow wt'sn i your he d anllif a a yousre i ptscrii'ed, tm noe sur
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p >>e eoplgoare toing twantowo knt wha kind ofea lrsdephi sllkis people have rather an th g howyoood e u ar urat t aning raphse. >> or rep bter:ush th ngrowiwb sno aallsnd rl huing suinlts, ll cag inumtra p selor, a li,ar and ahi wrne on ittwr.te up1 2inpo,ts the e statonis dald tr s ump'to lose. kbush inowst, and so tdoes.rump et>> lte me yoll u, 's he notoi gng an reywhe. >> or rep tter: rump s takestthe heage re in t just aboulfa ha h an aour,ignd rowht n rthisisoom t jus t abou-fhalfull. ne mpw hae shiris a fi lyerceep indntende at ste. i ite s onthat is kn toown pr surise, and oualthongh dtrald ump is by up ot a le, her i ll wive lea w youith th is,le.ster os thevi leang the um tr rpally earlyn o aysundd tolhame tt ey the werg gointo go e sejohn chkasi. >>y kattur, ksthan. s let'acgo bk to marco o.rubi he'ssh bruingff o br croad isiticm of th at sdaaturyat debe pe marforwhnce e en h cawas olledorut f pe reg atinsathe me lk taingnt poiut abo pr enesidamt obura fo me ti ts inpahe s an of fe miw s.nute jo i hinedim onhe t tr heail n re inew ha irmpshise th rn mo wing, hheree
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su esccins ow isa ha op henedp im ufor at tackhere. o >> satwh i'st like to haw aveig bat f ta orgeturn yo ckba? i>>s t'rtpaf oeth pr esocs. when you have a ta etrgit, ea m ns u'yo drengoiom shietng well. >> hi, how are you? b >>utld couco mar bi rudeo's bate mtomen an chllge aat th? thfor ste pa two ,days 'sitee bhan trdo ss mi. w >> se'rengittia in r dineonand tv th e ey'rintalkoug abt you. >> let's dispel once foand l r alwiths thi ct fithion arat back ob a amesdot n'owkn hwhatdoe's ing. le dit's wspelthith is thfix arat boback ama do t esn' wknowhehat 's in dog. y >>epou rd eatethe sa hime toung fmer tis. a >>'mnd i i sayt ai agn. ra baback os ma ingtryi hato camnge a ericand he oi's damng dtoage is thnt couitry wh os thane chges. si'll gayonee nonof th eng thiths hatave ha edppen are ci acs.dent am obe acarwasot n an deaccint. do radd-fs nk iannot ci ac.dent ut>> bre in inpeatg it ov nder ar, ove it ay pledth to otis nion th ouat y p arepserha a t biricontved, that yo u're reseheard. t >>shat' y.sill rsunde ptande eoplwhen th e ey'rinrunnr g fo ceoffi g are toingo y saevwhatheer tedy ne ayto s.
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ri chris ch hstieas a li l berardreco. he up sedport gun rocontupl, sedport an plpaned horentod. he or end szed masotoyor. if 'r youcae a atndide, u yot don' twantlko ta t abou.that wayou ntfi to ogureut me sog thin.else 'sthatt wha'ltheyl . do methe isdia ay alws ok lofoing mer sog thin annew ted ininrestg to co ver. >> 'v youene bele cald ma rorco t,bo to see a ad he tlinehat you eschoksn doe't brothe u? yo th>>s arat pf ty othe oc press. >> i wasurt yoes fint rf pencormae? w >>d e diceext.llen urin o itwebse, we edraise mory monein th rse fiurt ho t ofhat ba dehate tl n althe ot deher s.bate he>> t gnooverrsho w ar ure yoon opp ents atalk tbouthe ex enperif ce oalactuly in be cg ine hargof so inmethg as oedppos , to you owkn,ng bei on th gie leivslatdee si a asna setor. wh at do youre d?spon >> theyav heer zo riexpe oenceren foign li pocy. no ne. je shb bu n haso re fopoign licy riexpe.ence ow>> hp deeouis yr re fopoign licy riexpe?ence or>> mane th o anyf em th. wa i s abe memrf othe llinteceigen cttommiee r fofive aryes,oi gng th hrougom seth of e
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rminfon.atio i have moreei forgn cypolier expe iencthan an y ybodheon tta sge at thht nigs coedmbin. y >> sourtronghi t rd e placinshow ig inowa ha t s put a loof ctexpensatioyo on u in te ofrms ng goiwa forrd he re. wh oeat dats thn mean i rm te ws of hhatnsappe n inamew hrepshi? at whyo is ur bar? >>,wellve e srytate isdienffert. u yoav heum dhaps ttd onalp.trum the'slehe car fr ruont-.nner e we'rg goino to dwell he re. wh t'en il s al asaidnd ne dod , andethe l lt gae s artecound up, we go're toing e hav re mon tha ohalff th em. of t, tha i marein 100% co cenvind. c >>rsonven atio with o marco rubi aover cup of fe cofise th mo g.rnin s let'turn to chuck dd tor, ouer mod oatorf ee "me t ths.pres" e arwein seenyg agthin ilatenhe te gam at thra's dcamatilly sh ngifti the dyc?nami i >>nk thit' whas az amising howum jbled er evngythi is onhe t blrepu sicananide d w neshhampisire no lo gnger toingove ser as s the wtatee ou thitght ld wou. t wehthougwa it s
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at thld wouin w tnowhis re icpubliean fld. i k thinbenow e causof e thio rubeb d ate pe marfor ence,ifven d hestoes fillhinis se , condhison oppents beall e lievashe h a s glasanjaw hed ty wa nont a cther arackt hi sm in couthinarola. s let'lonot igse sht of s thi,fact erlest. th boer bsanie s nder doand tnald, rump 'vtheyene bedi leang in p the hollsfoere r mo .nths htheynoave stt lo ei thadr le. yb ma ge it uoesp and wn do. d anfathe f ct othe ma tter isn whehe t trcouny is t,upse new ha irmpsh te isirhe fst e ono t tell us. an d a ersandums/trp vdualryicto willd sen usus jatt thsa mesge. th sat's atill big al de. c >>, huckk thanyou. >> y> asanou c see ar ound,me ate win r m storhasat bdtere pa f rt o etheast t,coasch whi is br g acinanfor r othe m storthat could hit as primary voters go ttohe plsol torrmo.ow today a blizzard teblasw d neanengld th wi tr-tiplethrea co itndnsio. he y avowsnst, ngro s wind iandcy difloong. ca odpe c, the ss maseachucotts ast go e t tht brunheof t or stm. c inctonne, icutura to wibus t th atleas0 7 enpass rgersd olle .over omanyemf the wer
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wi-95huas swnt do for rasevel hours. > >>ghtonitho tdsusan oa abnerd oth of e bi t ggessecruips shi hein tld wor are inheadckg bapo to rt sh aaken after ni arghtm se ats ea a shthe aiip sriled ght aintoow plerfurm sto wi urth hnericace-for s windand 30t-foo ve waams sl imingnto e th s.side te washr ru iing annd pa gessenrsni runngor f ve cor. nb c's janet siahamln ha mos .re >> reporter: a monster st oform f the cinarola t.coas con asiolliouon crse wi neth oth of e rl wolad's trges cisrue ipshs. th wis tasheft amaerth ab rdoa "than oemthf e se "a. e thniding iroomn. e thelvess t wasdosse ke li t aoyn ids win tc ma ahingeg cat2ory hu >> my dad says, you , knowthisp shiou c ld k cracin half. >> within,0 6 00 ss parsenge c andrew or d dereto tcoake ver. th uie crseta s rted rdsatun ay inew je , rseyduschetoled do nck iri flodaay tod
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bathe s,hama but to tnigh the trips i ca edncel. e thelvess is re inturnueg, dk bac eswednday. di aneoc hhmanay s s y.angr he>> tely fet tha kn own. th e ey'ry angrusbecae ey thl fee tthatvehey' , lostknyou thow, r ei ecsplia cava.tion ep>> rr:orteal roy ri can bbearois pngmisi fu llef runds andai sd sin ametatehint w le wethe r athewas un sapleathnt, ipe sh ma re sinedorea w athyt l al s.time bu itt wh therm sto re fo fcastor days, why thdid ipe sh tryo to g th h rougit? th rois fm an no anmeuncennt o board. es>> yayterdne turd out to be probablyne o of y mrswo dtsayt a r>>orepr:tehe t vessel is in calm te waowrs n as trfrusatedac vioatrsne sa le il sak bacinto wter af drter onama the shigheas. ja net amsh,lianbc n .news th e ccd n hasow ve mo id tots hstighe t alerl leveoverhe t ka zi oeautbrknd a idpresobent haama s ke asngd coress for .8 $1li biln on i geemerfuncy g ndinto co tmbatirhe vus li tnkedrto bih fe dects.
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aiexplthns, isere gr g owinerconcean ahd t ofhis yr'eaols piymc ga s mein azbril, ougrnd zero for zika. >> reporter: with the rio games just six months ayaw,he t.s u. ol piymcoc itmme te datoy rteeiterad cdc idguceanha tprt naegnt wo n med anyoan wne ho is concerned for their thhealht migsi conder no int go tg tohees gam ugin aust. bu t d,adde weou wld t nowiand otll n ev pratent eshletm fro mp cog etinthfor eir trcounouy shld they al quify. to kap zier expayts s it p's anaersol ci de.sion t'>> irys vefi difcult to e giv aedvico t op pehole we hav de d votelathe st x ernumb ofea yrs tr ngaini t for ahat,nd wh eat w cano dt a the cd d c an twhathe nih n cas do ijustiv g e tthemhe facts and the idevceenas-b ed >> reporter: wh it 0 4,00esbabiea alrdy di seagnothd wi cr mihaocepn ly i br ilazto, y daeth itwhhoe eussk aed co rengorss fea nrly b $2onillise to arch afor ac vcine and ramp t uphe fight. >> e wetxpech wit the wa rmerth monos t come, at the mor riskil w ble
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is ea ry lla teimhe wre we d neeo t scale. >> or rep tter:he cdc no saw iysts ergmecyen eropioat cnsteenhar s vemo tdo theig hsthe l leveesto r tpondo e threoutbak. on tly gheunroind so h utorfl aida, pr ivoactshe pu toip we t ou mitosquhaos tt co sould rron aive rr ca tyinghe zika ru vis. se reerarchy s sa they lstil't don know wh rethea zik cean b smtrand itteugthroh li sandva ane urit , bu atheylsoti contonue li bemoeve tosqui nt coefrol s fortldshou enprevwit a redespad ou aktbre t inhe u.s. mtoco lostel,bc n ws nesh, waoningt. > >>stinveorigats have re edleasen pot ktialey id ev iencee n th inbomb ag ofse pasnger an plere ov masolia. a ovide that they be e lievurcapt tedhe ha fndofth of mbe bo lthataterla b asted ho ilethn e sefu.lage c' nbirs kemo simns s showhaus wont's the pe ta. r >>teeporher: t new ovidews showo t men ol coally w tkingghhrou iran a.port atheyr ppeae to b orairpaft stf. on rre ca wyinghat lo lioks ke a oplapt. t buut atihoriowes n be elievt thaap ltop s wa lyikel a ,bombnd a
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htheyitand an to gealleuid scide e thsure, ltaol he asbld te tin sheeidf o mma coalerciir ar line es tuday. e thdybof othe algelembd boer eedject fr heom tla pne by the pl exn.osio as>> ws thiwothe rk p ofe eoplwhoke word at the ait?rpor el>> w ol,neth of e pe wopleould works at the ait,rpore w are ve inatstiging. r >>teeporr: in igvests atorrkwog in thwi t am eaof icamerhaans ve starre0ed 2 oppele. me soat aviion sitecury ex s pertitsay ws sho th ske riro fm workers deinsipo airrtsve en in the. u.s ve haug enocuh se rity urmeasroes fmhe t deinsid , anhii tnk at th p's aemrobld, an t ihinks it'et somhing at thed imm aiatenctio ne toeds ta be ken .on ep>> rr:orte the geallembd boaser w booked on a cceandle flight. he took a later plane. had the bomb gone off later at a higher ti al, tudethe ex ioplosy n mahave ki elledonverye on ar bod. ir ke mmsions, nbc news, london. still ahead ghtoniret, a o youne
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icamerwhans keo ta he tbarn urmecidis?ne a new studyho swst tha re rfluxf elies come awither susio skri. a ot palentily li hrfe-tnieateng di e.seas al t so iawas humatcp of ptoeyn
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e thpesu?r bowl >> ni> to aght, new inwarng about s oomef e thmostul popar crpresoniptigs drun i am a.eric tr ngeatiar hentbur and id ac flreux. th eey'r nlsow aldo so
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ewhil it'slr aeady n know'rthey led inke to ais r fk ofurractes d aniniofect nns,ow a stnew fiudy nds they n ca ahavenother risesious ffde eect. nbc's anne thompson s ha dthelsetai. an>> c't adfforo tet l he urartbt n geinhe t way? >> pp stoing arhentbur b isig nebusiss. so sld a umnexi, osprilndec a evpr,acid tmorehan5 1il m lion icamershans d elleout ov er10 $li bilon in 20 or13 f the crpresoniptisi verons of se thegs drule cald pr potonump hi inrsbito. w now a ney studfrom hn jos hnsopkis say th acese iduc reding ug drys manc iereas the friskorhr conic dn kiisey d ease20%o t 50%. cl aneveldli cnic ki dneype siscial t is titreaimng kkl hine. >> h kimadma norl ma anrch ood blrkd wo inus augtho swed nc fu dtiontoown . 30% k >>asim wak t oingne t ofvehe oe r th tecounrsr veion. ct doador h s kim top heand dnr kieys pr im.oved
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htcaugly ear t andhat anwe cso do inmethg ou abitt . r >>teepororr: fr ove the tecoundraci du re, cersthe afd re encommheds ty be us ed 1 forys4 da and orno mane thee thr me tiyes a ar. r foprthe ipescrtion ioversthns, cke paage rtinseom recs mendfor st mo itcond, ionsthe pi bells ak tenor f up e toight ekwes. p >> aillsotre n the aonlyr.nswe fo sod i the an.swer r >>teeporhir: ts do orctre priscs beeth dr buugs sit inst his ti pa aentslsoid avo icacid foodse lik ieberrhos, ctecola, d anhianytitng wh ca neffei f8or 2 ysda. >> you canng chae your diet anded reucci ad od pronucti and ac altu hlyleaou yr own dyboy batwh'r youe ngeati. r >>teeporher: t kema orsthf e esugdrs sa thy aeyre seaf and ef ivfectene whse ud eccorrtly. th ndat at die canee kp st h omac wacidhere it ngbelos. an hone tn,mpso nbc ws new , ne.york we ba're n ck ia me moitnt we h thrace
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th oce clk is intickg tocu resehe t mo hare tn 1eo00 pple be edlievst to beill petrapted afer th po ulwerfth earequakn i antaiw. ur foe mor pwered ulle tfromubhe rtoble day, in includn g a ar8-ye g-oldwhirl o s wapetrapr d foover 60s.hour re mon thape 30 ople coare menfirded ad, bu tff oiaiclsn war th at toloul cld top 0. 10 112li mileoon pple wa d tchetheve denr broncos beat the ca narolith panlaers st t nighupin sower bl . 50 onpeytni manng ce atlebroded titay wh on the today sh,ow ma innng seid sppteed lastig n'shtin w rocanali c's namtoew n is being critizecid wi fdelyisor hy pla on e thd fieland his habevior afterward, walking out of aos pt ga me news confener.ce at halftimema, ny reag bedoney sceleto th owe shro fm he r adlineaycoldpl , d ansualas u, o some f e th talmost akedbout me morents we the ads tfromunhe fony t the bi e,zarro t the nt corsroveial. wh e en w bcomeheack re
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osideef th01 26 .race ho w atu sffedos dinaur be ocamef ne othet mos
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ne mpshw haire. f lyinal tot,nigh
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lepeope herewin n mp hae shir phavey rett smuchiteen f allrom th nde ca tido the lycudd. c' nbtes peexr alr ande s tellbous a aut fuzzy fa hoce wui's qhete t se ionsat tn onhe mp ca aignl.trai ep>> rr:ortes it'only fi tting that the an grstite eatms for th ero bed ockf american aicampgns. th yeis ar, red and ue bl u arednitein behd pi nkn i dn arre ga k'rnicsha nds. >> th so sis i nodi , hande'sll rearoy pven to ho me w salpeci the w neshhampprire y imar is. >> l calheit t no di psaurryrima. one man's arnonpntisa rs pu suit,innappg ph ootosf asy man es prtiidenopal hseful p asblossisie po ng hwithavis feorit ch ooildhd oocartn. hi spp ahroac - - s>> iiay, av he a mp ca gaignluood ck ch arm. wo yould keu lipo to se th wi it. >> 't can say no to atth. >> nobody did. >> repteor dr:oin representshe t archaeology of politicking where ca atndidmaes' isnnerms ander plisona ties ermattmu as s ch awhat co oumes tt ofheir hsmont. t >>ishis r thekic rrpey,he ter gov onorf te xas.
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